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Introducing XEN

Vold Vision has been offering cutting-edge treatments for glaucoma patients for years. With many new options to consider, we are proud to offer the XEN Glaucoma Treatment System, created by Allergan, a world leader in pharmaceuticals. Dr. Vold and his staff of eye surgeons have spent a great deal of time testing the XEN Gel Stent, which is implanted into the eye to treat refractory glaucoma. Over the course of the past few years, Dr. Vold is one of only a select few surgeons in the country to perform a wide array of new innovative glaucoma procedures. As part of the collection of advanced, minimally invasive treatments we offer for glaucoma patients, XEN has proven to offer patients significant improvement in the management of their glaucoma condition. 


XEN is considered a MIGS procedure (minimally invasive glaucoma surgery). This means it is performed right inside our treatment center as an outpatient procedure and does not require or need anesthesia. The XEN stent is soft and is tiny, about the length of an eyelash. While the stent itself is incredibly small, when implanted into the eye, the soft and flexible material remains in place and does not dissolve. It produces an outstanding outcome for patients that is long-lasting.

About the XEN Treatment

After a thorough eye exam and diagnosis, Dr. Vold and our team of experienced eye surgeons will create a custom treatment plan. We may not always recommend surgery right from the start, however, many patients are candidates for a MIGS procedure depending on the stage of their glaucoma and the current symptoms. The XEN implant is specially designed to lower eye pressure in patients who have been diagnosed with open-angle glaucoma, where prior treatments failed to produce relief. This is what is referred to as refractory glaucoma.

The procedure is seamless and creates a small channel in the eye to drain fluid and help lessen eye pressure. The stent is placed just under the clear membrane that covers the white section of the eyeball. It stays in place and works to relieve pressure on a continuous basis.

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the Glaucoma Leaders

Dr. Vold is the only fellowship trained glaucoma sub-specialist in Northwest Arkansas. Not only is he a world leader in the field of new glaucoma treatments, he is a recognized pioneer in the research and development of new minimally invasive glaucoma surgeries. He has performed more micro-invasive glaucoma surgeries than almost anyone in the country. As with all surgical procedures, there are risks to consider and evaluation must be made to determine if the treatment is right for your unique case. If you have open-angle glaucoma and previous treatments have failed, the XEN Gel Stent may be a solution for you. We invite you to call Vold Vision and schedule your consultation to learn more about our glaucoma surgeons and services.

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