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What is Lasik?

While there are many excellent options today for laser vision correction surgery, LASIK is still notably one of the most recognized due to its early entry into the field. The excitement behind LASIK surgery — and the other outstanding laser vision correction treatments — is evident when we see our patients smile from ear to ear with newfound, clear vision. Always at the forefront of technology, Dr. Steven D. Vold, a nationally recognized pioneer in laser vision corrective surgery, and our team of board-certified eye surgeons are proud to offer the latest and most advanced LASIK techniques. Utilizing equipment that houses the VisuMax® Femtosecond Laser, which is engineered with extraordinary precision and innovative detail, results are often stunning. In fact, most patients are able to see 20/15 (which is even better than 20/20) and actively enjoy the small things in life without glasses or contact lenses. Deciding that you want to have laser eye surgery is a big decision, thus we strive for excellence with each patient who has chosen to trust their eyes with us. Contact Vold Vision in Fayetteville, Rogers, Bentonville, Springdale, and Northwest Arkansas today to learn more about LASIK or any of our other laser correction procedures.

Is LASIK Safe?

When performed by experienced doctors like the members of Vold Vision's team, LASIK procedures are very safe. LASIK is so safe and effective, it is one of the most commonly performed elective surgeries in the U.S., with about 700,000 surgeries performed each year. Even with the high number of surgeries, the complication rate is still less than 1%.

Is Lasik Right for Me?

Most people who want to live without the hassle of glasses or contacts, or who simply desire better, clearer vision are suitable candidates for LASIK. Candidates must be over 18 with generally healthy eyes that have been at a stable prescription for at least a year. Eyes must be free from issues, such as diseases or corneal abnormalities, scars and infections. Patients undergoing LASIK will need to keep their eyes steadily focused on a single point of light for two minutes. Even though our team’s modern lasers can track random eye movements, the most effective results occur from patients who can maintain a fixed stare. Not all patients seeking laser vision correction surgery will end up having LASIK. Vold Vision offers alternative procedures, such as SMILE and LASEK, both of which have outstanding outcomes. Every patient is assessed and given a unique, customized treatment plan based on the distinct needs of their eyes.

How is LASIK Performed?

LASIK is an outpatient procedure that takes minutes to perform within our facility. The technology reshapes the cornea to correct how the eye focuses.  As the procedure begins, drops will be applied to numb your eyes and your Vold surgeon may also provide medication to help you relax. From there, your eyelids will be gently propped open and a device will be put into place to stabilize your eye.  At this point, the computer-controlled excimer laser pulses light to reshape your cornea, based on the data collected from your previous appointments, in which your detailed exams yielded specific information for the computer to use as an exact guide to precisely correct your vision issue. At this point, your Vold Vision surgeon will reposition the corneal flap that will naturally stay put and start healing within hours.

What Can I Expect After LASIK?

After the procedure, you are released to go home. However, you will not be allowed to drive yourself. You might feel some discomfort, itching, slight burning, or watery eyes, but those symptoms are typical, temporary, and part of the healing process. You might also be provided with an antibiotic prescription to prevent infection and anti-inflammatory drops for a few weeks after the procedure. Patients are advised to rest and use sunglasses for bright light protection. Vision usually returns to normal within a few hours and continues improving from there.

You will also have your own personal laser vision correction liaison with our laser concierge, Jennifer. She will work with you before your procedure to make sure you understand how the procedure works and to help you feel confident, at ease, and excited about what is to come. More importantly, it is common for patients to have questions after the treatment. Jennifer is terrific in answering all questions you may have regarding the healing process.

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Don’t settle for compromises with your vision. Vold Vision takes pride in offering patients the latest eye surgery techniques to gain better vision and regain a better quality of life. The advancements made in laser eye treatments are so exceptional that patients can literally improve their sight in a matter of minutes. We invite you to call our central Arkansas locations. Live without glasses and feel more confident with proven, effective vision correction technology – LASIK. Tens of millions of people have had great success with LASIK, and you could be next. Schedule your consultation with one of our experienced doctors today.

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