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Dr. Steven Vold is leading the fight against what he calls “this horrible disease”. He likes to observe, “Since glaucoma takes time to take away your sight, time is, in turn, our greatest defense against it”.

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The primary goal of every treatment is to lower the pressure in the eye caused by excess fluid before more damage is done since any damage is irreversible. Fortunately, numerous methodologies address glaucoma. 


Vold Vision offers several treatments, ranging from eye drops to surgery. Expectations around glaucoma treatments cover an extensive range of variables and differ depending on which treatment you are receiving. 

The first option is medication in the form of eye drops that either reduce the amount of fluid being produced or help the existing fluid drain from the eye. These medications are very targeted and allow patients to forgo the stress of surgery. These therapies are a remarkable breakthrough in the fight against glaucoma.

Laser treatments are another safe and noninvasive way of reducing eye pressure in five to ten minutes, allowing you to go home the same day. Laser treatments for glaucoma can also wear off over time, so a regular schedule of treatments is necessary to continue progress. 

Finally, surgery is the last option to manage glaucoma. The most straightforward surgical therapy is a trabeculectomy, where essentially, the surgeon makes a hole in your eye to drain the excess fluid and creates a whole new drainage system for the eye to help stop the progression of glaucoma. The other surgical therapy places a tube in your eye, allowing the fluid to drain to a reservoir on the wall of your eye. 

Both surgical treatments have similar success rates, with more minimally invasive surgical options on the horizon that will restore the outflow of your own drain.

Beyond iStent, XEN, and DURYSTA™, Vold Vision offers many additional treatments. Other treatments provided at Vold Vision to manage and treat glaucoma are:

  • Neomedix Trabectome
  • Ab Externo Canaloplasty
  • Ab Interno Canaloplasty
  • Gonio-Assisted Transluminal Trabeculectomy
  • Sight Sciences Visco 360/Trab 360
  • Kahook Dual Blade Procedure
  • Ivantis Hydrus
  • SOLX Gold Shunt
  • InnFocus Microshunt
  • iStar Suprachoroidal Device
  • IRIDEX Micropulse diode laser trabeculoplasty
  • Titanium sapphire laser trabeculoplasty
  • IRIDEX MP3 laser procedure
  • IRIDEX G-Probe Illuminate laser procedure
  • QLT/Matti Punctal Plug Drug Delivery System
  • Allergan Helios Ring Drug Delivery System
  • Allergan Sustained Release Bimatoprost Intraocular Implants
  • Ocular Therapeutix Biodegradable Drug Delivery Punctal Plug System

Every type of treatment has distinct recovery protocols, so your team at Vold Vision will be with you every step to guide you through each one. Whatever treatment you receive, your vision may temporarily worsen as your eyes adjust to the after-effects. Your vision will return to its pre-treatment clarity and, more importantly, not get any worse. 

You may need to reduce your normal activity level for the first two weeks. After trabeculectomy surgery, you may not be able to wear contact lenses. Full recovery can take anywhere from 1-3 months, depending on the treatment. It is also essential to check in with Dr. Vold should any signs of infection develop.

Many of the risks associated with the various treatments are exceedingly rare, and the vast majority of glaucoma surgeries successfully aid in stopping the damage from continuing while attaining optimal eye pressure. 

If you are over 60, female, or have a history of glaucoma in your family, you run a statistically higher risk for glaucoma than others. Additionally, your risk increases if you smoke, consume excessive alcohol, or are overweight. 

There is no method to ascertain if you are suffering from glaucoma until vision loss starts occurring, making it imperative that you have regular eye exams to determine if you have elevated intraocular pressure before it progresses to irreversible optic nerve damage and vision loss.

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Why Should I Go to Vold Vision for Glaucoma Treatments?

As an international leader in glaucoma treatments, Dr. Vold has patients travel from Las Vegas, Nashville, Texas, and beyond to receive his treatments. He serves as the Chief Medical Editor of the leading national glaucoma publication for physicians, Glaucoma Today. He has been published extensively in respected medical journals and is a popular lecturer worldwide.

Dr. Steven D. Vold, a board-certified ophthalmologist, is a pioneer in many advanced glaucoma treatments, which he utilizes to best attack this silent disease before it takes further sight away from the patient. With many options to consider, Dr. Vold and his team are careful during the examination process, diagnosis, and staging, so that a tailored treatment plan can be effectively created for the individual patient case. 

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