DURYSTA™ Glaucoma Treatment

After a thorough eye exam and diagnosis, Dr. Vold and our team of experienced eye surgeons create custom glaucoma treatment plans for each patient. Glaucoma is commonly treated with eye drops to reduce eye pressure. 

While they are often effective, many patients require multiple eye drops daily to alleviate and regulate eye pressure. Some patients may find it challenging to remember to apply the eye drops every day, while others may struggle to administer the drops properly. To temporarily eliminate your reliance on eye drops, Vold Vision provides DURYSTA™ glaucoma treatment.  

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Vold Vision is proud to be among the first clinics in the nation to offer DURYSTA™, the first and only biodegradable time-release glaucoma implant. Before this breakthrough technology, patients using glaucoma drops placed them on the surface of their eyes, often causing significant irritation. 

With DURYSTA™, doctors can now directly administer the necessary glaucoma prescription drops inside the eye, giving patients a break from their topical drops and a better quality of life. DURYSTA™ consistently delivers medicine into the patient’s eye to help reduce high eye pressure over several months, managing glaucoma more efficiently.


DURYSTA™ is a dissolvable injection smaller than the size of the “i” in LIBERTY on the dime. Inside DURYSTA™ is a substance known as bimatoprost. Dr. Vold or one of his capable team members performs a non-surgical implant procedure to place DURYSTA™ inside the eye.

DURYSTA™ temporarily eliminates the need for eye drop medication. After implantation, the bimatoprost is gradually released in your eye over several months, increasing fluid flow in the eye and compensating for any blockage.

DURYSTA™ provides many patients with a break from constant eye drop application. Some of the benefits of DURYSTA™ , and its safe and effective medication implant method, include:

  • First and only FDA-approved dissolvable ocular implant to reduce eye pressure
  • No more forgetting to take your eye drops
  • Reduces eye pressure for at least 15 weeks according to clinical trials
  • Dissolves in the body, meaning no removal process


DURYSTA™ lasts several months and gradually releases the medication rather than manually applying eye drops to the surface of your eye. DURYSTA™ requires no recovery period but can only be done once per eye. While the implant itself only lasts a few months, some patients report continued pressure reduction long after the device has dissolved completely. 

Patients suffering from open-angle glaucoma and ocular hypertension are candidates for DURYSTA™ glaucoma treatments. Patients considering DURYSTA™ consider the following questions:

  • Is elevated eye pressure an issue? 
  • Do you require taking eye drops daily to regulate eye pressure?
  • Do you understand high eye pressure and the risks associated with it?
  • Do you have difficulty applying your eye drops every day? (Hard time using them or forgetting?)

If you answered yes to the questions above, you might be a good candidate for DURYSTA™. To know if DURYSTA™ is right for you, schedule a consultation with Vold Vision.


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Why Should I Go to Vold Vision for DURYSTA™ Glaucoma Treatment?

Dr. Vold and Dr. Tanaka are among the top glaucoma subspecialist in the United States, leading patients from 40 states and 10 countries to travel to Vold Vision to receive their glaucoma care. They are recognized pioneers in glaucoma research and development through our Vold Vision FDA Research Department. We invite you to call Vold Vision and schedule your consultation to learn more about our glaucoma surgeons and services.

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