Five Things to Know About LASIK Eye Surgery Recovery

LASIK is great for people who want a solution for their vision problems that does not involve glasses or contacts. Scientific and clinical studies now show that LASIK can be safer than long term contact lens wear for many people. The doctors at Vold Vision can review important information about LASIK safety and recovery when you come in for a LASIK consultation in Fayetteville, AR or Bentonville, AR. Read below to learn the details or call to set up an appointment today! Our staff is also proud to serve men and women in Rogers, Springdale, and Northwest Arkansas.

, Five Things to Know About LASIK Eye Surgery Recovery, Vold Vision

1. You may have dry eyes during recovery

Many patients have dry eyes after laser vision correction, which is a temporary side effect that typically only lasts a few weeks. You’ll need to take care of your eyes to ensure they are moisturized and lubricated every day. The best way to deal with dry eyes is by avoiding rubbing your eyes and staying out of windy areas. You will benefit from frequent over-the-counter artificial tears. 

2. Avoid strenuous activities

Your eyes need time to recover after LASIK. Although you can go back to work soon after your procedure, refrain from strenuous physical activities for around week. For LASIK, avoid contact sports or swimming wait two weeks, for the SMILE procedure only one. LASIK safety is important to us, which is why we advise patients to protect their eyes from physical trauma. So, remember to use proper eye protection when appropriate! Trauma can impact your results and set back your recovery.

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3. Take a break from make-up

At Vold Vision, we want you to make an informed decision about LASIK in Fayetteville and the surrounding areas. Patients should not wear make-up or perfume the day of their procedure, and cannot wear eye make-up for 7-10 days following LASIK, or 1-2 days following the SMILE procedure. 

4. Our technology makes LASIK recovery easier

Vold Vision uses some of the most advanced tools in the U.S. to provide patients with remarkable results. In fact, Vold Vision is among the top 10% of clinics in the country with the number of laser vision correction procedures we perform each month. Because of our experience and cutting-edge techniques, patients experience minimal side effects from laser treatments. We can discuss our technologies when you come in for your LASIK consultation.

5. Recovery involves taking care of your eyes for life

LASIK recovery is a long-term process and includes plenty of eye care. After attending follow-up appointments to make sure your LASIK recovery is complete, we encourage you to attend regular yearly eye exams. We can monitor your vision and keep your eyes healthy for life. 

Experts in LASIK recovery

Want to know more about LASIK safety and potential risks? The ophthalmologists at Vold Vision are dedicated to providing you with comprehensive resources about laser vision correction. We hope the information provided here answers some of your questions. Reach out to our team for a LASIK consultation in Fayetteville, AR or Bentonville, AR today to learn more.

Amazing, friendly, knowledgeable staff! Dr. Senekal was very professional and had an amazing bedside manner. I would recommend him to anyone looking at getting cataract/laser surgery. I came from Grande Prairie just to see him and his staff!

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