Are There Any Risks to Getting LASIK Eye Surgery?

, Are There Any Risks to Getting LASIK Eye Surgery?, Vold Vision

LASIK is a popular surgery that reshapes the cornea to improve eyesight, making you less dependent on glasses and contact lenses. While LASIK is a household name in terms of vision correction, candidates at Vold Vision may be wondering what risks are involved. That’s why it’s best to schedule a LASIK consultation with a trained professional in Northwest Arkansas.

There’s always a risk when considering any kind of surgery. However, patients choose LASIK because they believe the benefits outweigh these risks. Benefits include seeing clearly when watching TV, enjoying the outdoors, swimming, driving, and playing sports. If you want to learn about LASIK safety and risks in Fayetteville, Rogers, Bentonville, and Springdale, AR, call to schedule your vision assessment today.

How’s LASIK performed?

LASIK surgery is considered a painless procedure and is performed by an experienced eye specialist. The cornea of the eye is reshaped using a special advanced laser. This is what improves your eyesight and reduces your dependency on glasses and contacts. Vold Vision is proud to offer top technology so patients can feel confident about their treatment and results. Vold Vision also offers more LASIK options than anyone in the state of Arkansas including PRK(LASEK), LASIK and the next generation of flap-less LASIK, SMILE vision correction. For patients who are not a candidate for these procedures we also ofer ICL for thin corneas or extremely high prescriptions, or CLE for patients who also want to correct presbyopia (the need for reading glasses or bifocals).

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Is LASIK eye surgery safe?

LASIK eye surgery is very safe when performed on the right candidates. This is why Vold Vision requires a thorough eye exam before providing surgery. We need to make sure your eyes are free from diseases or conditions that may interfere with recovery. If everything checks out, we set a date for your procedure in Northwest Arkansas.

Situations that may increase your risk for complications include:

  • A weakened immune system
  • Certain autoimmune disorders
  • Persistent dry eyes
  • Recent changes in vision due to medications or hormone changes
  • Eye infection or injuries, such as a damaged cornea
  • An eye disease, like glaucoma
  • Very thin corneas

If some of these conditions apply to you, you may not be an ideal candidate for LASIK. However, you may still have another vision correction procedure. Let’s discuss your options when you visit our clinic in Fayetteville or Bentonville, AR.

What are the potential risks of LASIK?

While complications from surgery are very rare, it’s still important to be informed about LASIK safety and risks. Our team can review these risks during your initial LASIK consultation. These include:

  • Persistent dry eyes. Many times, however, dry eye is actually contact lens-induced and in this case, symptoms may improve due to the discontinued use of contact lenses.
  • Glare and halos around lights at night. Similarly, many times this is experienced before LASIK and caused by glasses or contacts, so in that case patients actually see an improvement in night driving.
  • Unexpected over- or under-healing of the eye.  We include a complimentary enhancement procedure during your 12 month post op period so that if you experienced this outcome, a touchup laser procedure is included in your price.

What normal side effects should I expect after LASIK?

While patients do not report pain, it’s normal to have some discomfort or annoyance after LASIK surgery. You may experience redness, itching, dry eyes, or a feeling that there is something in your eye. However, these symptoms are temporary and typically go away within a few days.

LASIK is incredibly effective when performed by experienced eye specialists, like those at Vold Vision. However, the decision of whether to pursue treatment is still up to you. Ask questions and discuss LASIK safety and risks before scheduling a date for surgery in Fayetteville, Rogers, Bentonville, or Springdale, AR.

Improve your eyesight with one simple procedure

There are a few risks to getting LASIK eye surgery, as is the case with any medical procedure. However, most people who have had LASIK say it’s well worth it, and they’d do it again in a heartbeat. If you’ve been considering this procedure or just need more information before making up your mind, we encourage you to visit Vold Vision in Fayetteville or Bentonville, AR for a LASIK consultation. We’re dedicated to your success.

Amazing, friendly, knowledgeable staff! Dr. Senekal was very professional and had an amazing bedside manner. I would recommend him to anyone looking at getting cataract/laser surgery. I came from Grande Prairie just to see him and his staff!

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