Is LASIK Safe for Astigmatism?

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What would you do if you could see the world clearly without glasses or contact lenses? LASIK is a revolutionary, non-invasive procedure designed to help people with issues like nearsightedness and farsightedness in Northwest Arkansas. The specialists at Vold Vision provide this solution for patients who are tired of struggling to read text messages or watch their favorite TV shows.

Many of our patients in Fayetteville, Rogers, Bentonville, and Springdale, AR want to know – is LASIK also safe for astigmatism? The short answer is yes! Now you can learn about LASIK safety and risks when scheduling a free assessment at our facility. Our team can discuss how we help you achieve clear vision through this advanced procedure.

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What is astigmatism?

Astigmatism is a common vision problem where the cornea is shaped like a football rather than being round. This causes light to focus on different parts of the retina, which results in blurry images and chronic headaches. With astigmatism, you may see multiple images at the same time and have difficulty focusing on objects. Astigmatism can also make it difficult to drive or read without help. Patients interested in treating astigmatism are encouraged to read LASIK reviews online and on our website.

How does LASIK improve astigmatism?

LASIK is a laser procedure performed by an ophthalmologist, a doctor who specializes in eye surgery. LASIK is clinically proven to provide excellent results in most cases of astigmatism. Of course, all patients should schedule a free LASIK consultation to ensure their candidacy. 

Ideal candidates for LASIK are adults in otherwise excellent health, have stable vision for at least a year, and whose eyeglasses or contact lenses do not adequately correct their refractive errors. Some of the most well-known benefits of LASIK in Fayetteville, Rogers, Bentonville, and Springdale, AR include:

  • Improve your quality of life by reducing your need for visual aids
  • No more eye strain from trying to read books, menus, or road signs
  • Let you enjoy clear vision when enjoying the outdoors, an active lifestyle, or playing your favorite sports

How is LASIK performed?

A LASIK consultation begins with an examination at Vold Vision, where a doctor will assess the shape and thickness of your corneas. We also ask about any health conditions that could affect our ability to perform surgery on you safely (including diabetes or high blood pressure). If we determine it’s safe to move forward, then we can schedule your procedure.

LASIK is simple, virtually pain-free, and comfortable for most patients. The laser creates a small flap in the cornea, then precisely reshapes the way light enters your eye. Once this is done, the flap is carefully placed back into position. We make sure to monitor your progress during the entire procedure, so everything goes according to plan.

Achieve clear vision, even with astigmatism

Why should you choose Vold Vision for LASIK correction? Our eye care professionals have had years of experience performing successful laser vision procedures. We are also proud to have had extensive training in LASIK safety and risks. If you have astigmatism or other issues concerning refractive errors, schedule a free LASIK consultation to discuss your options at our facility in Fayetteville, Rogers, Bentonville, or Springdale, AR. We can also provide detailed LASIK reviews, so you know what to expect.

Amazing, friendly, knowledgeable staff! Dr. Senekal was very professional and had an amazing bedside manner. I would recommend him to anyone looking at getting cataract/laser surgery. I came from Grande Prairie just to see him and his staff!

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