The Silent Thief Of Sight

When my husband Mark accepted the position as defensive backs coach for the Arkansas Razorbacks football program, I knew that learning to call the Hogs was in my future. What I didn’t know was the impact our move to Northwest Arkansas would have on my glaucoma diagnosis.

Two years ago, I, like most, did not even know what glaucoma was. It wasn’t until I was pregnant with my third child, at the age of 38, that I first heard the word – at least in a way that struck me right in the heart. While there are technical ways to explain glaucoma, the two phrases that immediately grabbed my attention were, “It could lead to irreversible blindness,” and “It is hereditary.” I was devastated to hear that I had already lost part of my peripheral vision, and there was nothing the doctors could do to get it back. Glaucoma is known as “the silent thief of sight,” with the average person losing more than 40 percent of their vision before even realizing they have the disease……

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