LASIK Results: What to Expect

Refractive errors like nearsightedness, farsightedness, and astigmatism affect millions of people around the world. LASIK has become the most widely used form of laser eye surgery, a procedure that corrects vision by changing the angle of light entering your eyes. LASIK offers excellent results and dramatically improved vision for most people, and many can reduce or eliminate their need for corrective lenses. 

What is LASIK?

LASIK is a type of laser eye surgery that works by reshaping the cornea, the clear structure at the front of the eye. All light enters the eye through the cornea, which helps direct light to focus on the retina, where it creates a clear image. LASIK corrects the cornea’s shape to change the angle of light and produce a clearer image. This popular procedure offers minimal downtime and long-lasting improvements. However, LASIK is not right for everyone, so we recommend a consultation to determine whether it is the best option for you.

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How Does LASIK Work?

During LASIK, your Vold Vision eye surgeon uses the Zeiss VisuMax® femtosecond laser, an advanced ultra-gentle laser that can even adjust for your breathing during the procedure. During LASIK, a flap is made in the outer layer of the cornea, giving your eye surgeon access to the deeper layers. The laser uses rapid pulses of energy to painlessly vaporize microscopic layers of your cornea to change its shape. 

This precise computer-guided laser can perform the procedure in about 15 seconds per eye. Your eyes are numbed during the procedure to ensure your comfort. The flap is returned to its place and will begin to heal almost immediately. You will need someone to drive you home afterward but should only experience minor blurriness or irritation. 

LASIK Results: What to Expect?

We can break your LASIK results into stages:

Immediately After LASIK

Your LASIK results usually become visible within a day or two after your procedure. You may experience blurriness, irritation, and watery eyes. Your Vold Vision team will provide you with antibiotics and anti-inflammatory eye drops to help your eyes heal. You can usually return to work, driving, and most other activities within one to two days. Many people notice improved vision within a day of their LASIK surgery. 

A Few Weeks After LASIK

You can return to activities like swimming or contact sports after two weeks. Your vision should stabilize by this point, although certain types of refractive errors may take longer. You should be enjoying your improved vision and may have noticed that you have less or no need for your glasses or contact lenses. Many people at this stage are celebrating the dramatic changes LASIK has brought to their lives. 

Long-Term Results

LASIK produces permanent changes to the shape of your corneas. However, your eyes can continue to change with age. While LASIK results can last for many years, your eyes will experience age-related changes, such as presbyopia and cataracts, that may require a different treatment. Most people who have LASIK are fully satisfied with their long-lasting results for many years. Most people have 20/20 vision or better after LASIK at Vold Vision. 

Request a Consultation

We’d love to help you get all the information you need in order to make the best choice for your eyes. Request a consultation today! Our staff is available and happy to answer your every question.

Am I a Good Candidate for LASIK?

LASIK provides an excellent option for many people, but not everyone. Good candidates for LASIK:

  • Are 18 or older
  • Have generally healthy eyes
  • Have had a stable prescription for at least a year
  • Have reasonable expectations

Your eye surgeon may consider a different procedure for you if you have certain eye conditions. LASIK is not recommended for people with thin or abnormally shaped corneas. It is also not recommended for those who have problems with dry eye. People who engage in contact sports may also be recommended for a different procedure since LASIK creates a flap that could be disrupted. Only a consultation and eye exam can determine which procedure will work best for you. 

Vold Vision’s Zeiss VisuMax® femtosecond laser can treat higher prescriptions than older, less advanced systems, allowing us to treat people who have been told they are not candidates. Fortunately, people who are not candidates for LASIK have excellent options like SMILE, PRK/LASEK, and clear lens exchange. 

Office staff is attentive, friendly & knowledgeable. I’ve been to various local eye clinics and I’ve found the Vold Eye Doctors to be the best in the area. Very thorough exam and high quality equipment. Surgery center is exceptional, my recent procedure was most impressive, and I can now see without glasses!
Nita M.

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You’ll benefit not only from the latest technologies available but also from our compassionate, personal approach. You’re more than a patient at Vold Vision in Bentonville and Fayetteville. We strive to make you as comfortable as possible while evaluating the optimal treatment plan just for you. We invite Fayetteville, Rogers, Bentonville, and Springdale residents to contact us today for a consultation at (479) 442-8653.

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